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Entrepreneur. Teacher. Mentor.

Marty caught the entrepreneurship bug at a young age. Growing up, his first ventures were making and selling bird feeders, painting mailboxes, and lawn mowing, all in his hometown, Miami, FL. He later went on to be a student at the University of Florida. After graduating and finding a job as a manager trainee, Marty realized he wanted to do more.


Marty started Audio Visual Innovations, Inc. in 1979 by selling Kroy lettering machines. With no capital or seed money, he knew he needed a quick turnaround selling my first ten machines on borrowed time. From there, the results multiplied, propelling AVI Inc. into the audio-visual industry. Marty, along with an incredible team, was able to transform these efforts into the billion-dollar company that is today known as AVI-SPL, Inc.


Now, as a teacher and mentor, he somehow always finds himself in an entrepreneurial venture or two. Marty spends his weeks teaching entrepreneurship at my alma mater, the University of Florida, and mentoring young entrepreneurs and startups. Aside from this, he is also a two-time World Champion in the Roadster to Bike event at the World Championship Saddlebred Horse Show held annually in Louisville, Kentucky. His horse is named "IAMNOTACOW!"


Marty hopes to continue his journey as an educator and mentor, to impact as many people as possible as he continues to foster his own entrepreneurial spirit.



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