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Speaking Engagements

Marty is a dynamic speaker with a large repertoire of stories that are filled with nuggets of wisdom. Not only does Marty keep his audience engaged, he leaves them feeling well equipped to handle leadership hurdles, business challenges and ethical dilemmas. 

"What I love about hearing Marty speak is that his stories make you feel as if you were actually there. They are also filled with humor and dramatic pauses that leave you dying to hear more. After hearing Marty share the obstacles he encountered and how he navigated each situation, I feel like there really is nothing that can stop my business from succeeding"
Pablo Casilimas, CEO, Rootex Creative

"Marty Schaffel shares the practical strategies and tactics of a successful entrepreneur instead of the academic approach to business education. His ability to weave relate-able real stories highlighting the ups and downs of building a business from the ground up to selling it to private equity is unparalleled. Marty is an open book providing the complete business cycle from probing his mistakes, admitting lost opportunities, finding the right mentor(s), delegating responsibilities, when and how to hire, seizing opportunities, showing leadership by example, solving complex business problems and more. There isn't anything that an entrepreneur or intrapreneur (assuming risk within an organization) will experience that Marty cannot share a proven method, solution or valuable resource [for]."
Bob Miles, Author & International Keynote Speaker

1on1 Coaching

Marty helps entrepreneurs and executives take their organizations to the next level by making a few key adjustments in their leadership style. He helps entrepreneurs develop a practical list of steps they can take to not only become better leaders, but also empower other leaders within their organization.


“I've had many mentors since starting my company 11 years ago, but none like Marty. I can remember one specific time where I was feeling very defeated. One of my star employees was letting me down and I wasn't sure how to handle it. My exec team wanted to let her go, but I felt strongly that it wasn't time to give up on her. Marty helped me navigate that situation and so many of the other sticky situations we inevitably face in business and in leadership. His gift is that he listens and asks the right questions. He's a sounding board and helps you get to the answers that are within you. As I step into the next decade of owning my company, I feel lucky to have Marty by my side. There's no one else I'd rather brainstorm and strategize with. I've grown so much professionally and personally since working with him, and my team is energized because I am energized. Ask them--they love Marty as much as I do!” 
Kristen Hadeed, Author, Speaker & CEO at Student Maid



Marty has moderated numerous panels of successful entrepreneurs for years. Because he has the experience of building an extremely successful company with over 2000 employees, he does not hold back when it comes to asking other entrepreneurs challenging questions. 

"Marty is great at asking questions that allow his guests open up about their challenges and failure, while remaining completely at ease. This is critical for any host, moderator or interviewer because each story of failure carries with it a list of valuable lessons. However, what really separates Marty from other hosts is that he himself experienced the challenges and obstacles in taking a company from revenue of $0 to over $100,000,000 without giving up any equity. Therefore, he is well equipped to challenge other entrepreneurs on ethical dilemmas, opportunities they may have left on the table or ways they could have been more effective."
Pablo Casilimas, Host on Art of Biz Podcast, CEO at Rootex

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